Principal's Message

Wrapping Things Up
The colloquial Americanism, "You cleaned up good!" is a fitting compliment given when someone finishes doing something well. As we near the end of another successful academic year, filled with recognition and accolades, we find that we have a lot to be grateful for. Wrapping things up neatly for a desirable conclusion is just as important as getting a good head start. How we bring things to their proper conclusion, is a pretty good indicator of how effectively we will adhere to our new and lofty plans for the future. Beginning and ending with gratitude will always keep us on the right path. Being open to correction and criticism is another value we must imbibe in our journey to excellence. The willingness and humility to accept and correct errors is a trait owned only by legendary figures. It is said that the past is dead and the future is unborn. All decisions ,as well as all actions, must be taken in the present, although we must learn from the past, and plan meticulously for the future. Let us pray for the Lord's blessings so that we may have the foresight to plan our bright future without repeating the mistakes of the past. Let us also thank Him for the wisdom gained from our experience over the year. Like the popular saying goes, our greatness lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Adversities have made us tougher and given us the gift of bulletproof confidence. Let us be grateful for these gifts of experience, and let us plan well for the phenomenal year ahead. Good luck!

Fr. Jimmy Moolayil CMI