The National Cadet Corps which was started in our school in 1999, aims at developing character comradeship, Sportsman ship, spirit of adventure, end ideals of selfless service among the students. The activities of NCC provide a suitable environment to motivate the cadets to train end groom themselves as responsible citizens, future leaders of our great country in all walks of life end also to take up a career in the Armed Forces. Through camps NCC gives ample opportunity for community living and by the visits to hill stations cadets get chances for expeditions, trekking end mountaineering. An NCC parade is held every Wednesday and Friday from 2.00 pm to 4.00pm and also conducting the special training for UP section students. The school NCC unit is under (2) Kerala Battalion NCC Thirumala.

Music is the magic healer of all cares.Those students who have a taste for, and interest in, music, can be members of the band. The school provides a forty piece Band and an excellent teacher. The students who are gifted with musical talents can become the member of the choral society. They are given special coaching in Western and Carnatic Music under the expertise of good musicians.