The Lions Club and the student representative along with the department of Science initiated an awareness program for the students on good agriculture and organic farming.

Nallapadam activities newspaper cuttings

The English club for the academic year 2019-20 opened the door of experiential learning for the students. The selected club members have recorded a few famous stories of note worthy authors like Sudha Murthy, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ruskin Bond etc. in their own voices. This recordings were copied to a CD, which was donated to a blind school. The CD was handed over to Miss Tiffany Brar, founder of the Jyothir Gamaya Foundation as a token of love and service

In addition to providing commentary about the larger culture, art makes life more manageable, tolerable and enjoyable. Studying the arts also helps improve academic performance, not just through creativity, but it improves learning in areas like math and science as well as the literary field. Arts club is a refuge that draws interesting and unique artists. ARTS CLUB at Christ Nagar gives students the opportunity to meet monthly in a more relaxed and informal setting to discuss and work on art. Variety of competitions are organized annually for the students and trophies and certificates are distributed in acknowledgement of their efforts.

VIRTUAL ROLE PLAY Virtual Role Play Competition was an initiative by the English department. It was intended for class 9 to 12. The theme was " Education In the time of Covid. The programme was a huge success and the participants were acknowledged.

Communing with nature is good for a childs psychological and physical well-being. Nature club is the convergence of nature lovers, from various departments to promote, monitor and operate the environmental and sustainable activities in the society. The Nature Club conducts various activities such as observing Environment Day, Water Day, maintenance of Herbal Garden, nature trail etc.

Science club is an organization, which helps in the development of scientific attitude, and develop genuine interest in science and scientific activities. It helps students to work in the field of their interest and hone their skills in presentation. Christ Nagar celebrated Virtual Science Fair "CHRIS SUSTAINA 2021 " to nurture science and scientific research among young innovators. A two-day science exposition themed "GOOD GOVERNANCE FOR GOOD SOCIETY "was organised on 5th and 6th November 2021. The exposition was honoured by the presence of Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology.

Veettil Oru Oushadha Sasyam Medicinal club Activities - 2018 was inaugurated by our Principal Fr. Bino Pattarkalam CMI on 10th August 2018.An awareness programme was conducted by Shri. Unni Amma Ambalam about the importance of different medicinal plants.Tulsi plants were distributed to all club members.

A Helping Hand to Shivakarthika. Shivakarthika ,whose parents are no more,was in dire need of educational assistance which was provided by the Nallapadam team.They promised to meet her entire educational expenses.

Lost & Found Box. A lost & found box counter was mentored by this team. Children were able to retrieve their precious belongings.

Piggy Bank Collections. The Nallapadam team members collected money in their piggy banks. The sum amount was given to Mr. Murali ,cancer patient and the inmates of Osanam Karunya Bhavan.

Mega Project. As Nallapadams major project for the year,under the guidance of its members,an amount of 8.5 lakhs was collected. This was distributed among the deserving like the Okhi survivors.

A CD, in English and Malayalam ,comprising of a short documentary on the types of medicinal plants and their benefits in maintaining our health, was released on 22 February 2018.

The Nallapadom club flagged off its activities on the Environment Day ,5-6-2017. Some highlights of their activities are: 1.AWARENESS PROGRAMME - Dr.Anish of Medical College Hospital illuminated the club members on dengue fever and its prevention. 2 .COLLECTION OF STORY BOOKS AND PENS - A variety of story books for all ages and pens made by sudents themselves during their art and craft period ,were donated to LMS LP School at Neyyattinkara. 3. CYCLE RALLY - As part of the 70th Independence day celebrations, the Nallapadam team conducted a cycle rally from the school campus to Vilappil Gramapanchayat in Peyad, a total of `18kms. There, they cleaned the Ambancode pond and planted saplings. 4. SPARSHAM - A breakfast counter of homely food is held on every Friday. The income from this is given toward charity.

Ayurvedam for a better and healthier life style was their topic of discussion. The club was inaugurated on 31-6-2017, with an interactive session between Dr. Jacquiline and the students.

As an activity of the SEED , on 30-06-2017,Christnagarians displayed their talent at the radio park in the Museum premises. The chief guest to grace the venue was our honourable Mayor Adv, V K Prasanth. The theme of the flash mob was Say No To Drugs".

Renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan was commemorated by celebrating December 22nd as National Maths day by Mathemagica club. An awareness campaign was conducted by exhibiting charts and video clipping in relation with the history of Ramanuja. We also organised an orientation class for the members by Shafeek Sir, on the topic ‘Origami in Maths’.

Nallapadam club placed dustbins all over the school campus to make the premises clean. the used paint buckets were used creatively for this purpose. Constructed two toilets for the two neediest people at Edayar,Thiruvallam. School principal promised more toilets for the needy this year itself. With a mission of clean surrounding, Nallapadam members collected used pens in association with Prakriti, an NGO works at Technopark.The collected pens were handed over for making sculptures in Kochin Biennale

Celebration of International Yoga Day on 21 June 2016. The students demonstrated yoga posture of Suryanamaskar. The club members celebrated World Heart Day on 8th October at kanakakunnu palace ground and Gandhi park. The program was jointly organized by KIMS and club FM.

The motto and vision of the club is to instil confidence and communication skills to provide excellent preparation for gracing upto todays competitive world. English club members participated in the essay writing competition. Students participated in Oratorium, an event co-ordinated by JCL held in St.Thomas School. Students participated in KMUN (Kerala Model United Nations). Gayathri R Nair of Std 12C was given special mention. December 9 was celebrated as "Shakespeares Day with the theme Shakespeare Lives in Schools". Students enacted the roles of famous characters from the works of Shakespeare, delivered speeches and recited sonnets.

Students proved their active participation in preserving medicinal plants by exhibiting their wide collection. Science club members had a debate on God vs Science. Today science is an integral part of our existence and so this club is meant to create in our students increased interest in, and love for, the day-to-day scientific achievements of the modern world. This would help them to navigage their curiosity in to the thrilling and marvelous realms of modern science. Ultimately this would help the student to equip himself and with his creativity try to transform this earth into a paradise for the future generations. Science club members participated in the mega project of Science Fair.

Club members celebrated World Music Day on June 21. Club members actively participated in the flash mob. For Science fair a music room was organised and showcased rare and ancient musical instruments.

Seed club members organised a flash mob in Trivandrum museum to create awareness about the dark side of using drugs and alcohol. On the day of re- opening of LP session Seed club members distributed saplings to all students and parents. A painting competition was conducted on this day.

NALLAPADAM SAVE THE MOTHER EARTH On World Environment Day students took the oath to plant 5001 saplings this year to make the city and school green. Rev Fr Bino Pattarkalam CMI inaugurated this mega event and 2000 saplings were distributed on this day. KRISHIMUTTAM NALLAPADAM volunteers planted 300 vegetable saplings in school compound to propagate the idea of organic farming. Students planted saplings in the premises of Tagore Theatre , Trivandrum.

The main aim is to give children the opportunity to use technology in ways that they might not be able to ,during their regular ICT lessons in class.

Christ Nagar gives awe-inspiring attention for nourishing good values among Children.Nature Club comprises of Nallapadam and seed club, which brings out the mind to help the needy and protect the environment. NATURE CAMP Nallapadam club organized a nature camp at Thekkady with the help of Kerala Forest Department. A group of 35 students attended the camp and they had a wonderful time on the lap of nature.. POSTER MAKING The nature camp at Thekkady inspired the students to say good bye to plastics. The students exhibited posters all over the campus to make others understand the dangerous side of plastics. CARRY BAG MAKING Nallapadam club took initiative to create awareness about the importance of using paper carry bags and Gopika of class 7A taught other students how to make paper carry bags. VISIT @ THEERAM Nallapadam club celebrated New Year with mentally and physically challenged students at “Theeram”, an orphanage in Kottayam. Club members gifted dress and other provisions to them. NEWSPAPER COLLECTION Nallapadam club members collected newspaper from the houses of all students to raise money for the poor children residing at Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre, Trivandrum.

The Literary Association holds weekly meetings. The class-teacher gives necessary guidance and direction to the students for conducting these meetings in the most fruitful way. The meetings are organised by the elected Secretary of Association, in consultation with the class-teacher. This platform gives ample exposure to the students to develop their personality and communicative skills.